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About Us

At Amazonas4U, we work with what we love. Literally.

As açaí lovers, we are always looking for it wherever we go. The company started due to that passion and the opportunity to introduce the taste of açaí to other cultures. It is so delicious and healthy that we want everyone to have this experience.

Since Açaí is a new product in the Middle East, we want to provide the very best quality products so our clients can have the most authentic Brazilian experience.

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The Powerful Berry

The Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is a small purple berry from palm trees only grown in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Açaí berries are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants, making it the Superfood #1.

This tiny berry is packed with omega fatty acids, fibers and carries a low concentration of sugar, which helps you stabilize your blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels.

Why we love it?

Highly Nutritious Fruit

Rich in good fats, fibers and source of proteins, the Açaí has not only an extraordinary taste but is a whole meal, that´s what makes it a superfood


From smoothie to bowls, desserts or juices, Açaí is perfect for your everyday recipes and healthy lifestyle.

Premium Açaí Purée - Ready to eat

Made from fresh-picked berries - Amazonas4U premium quality Açaí purée is the perfect choice for a nutrition-packed bowl.

Just add your favorite fruits and toppings, and enjoy it. No bleending required.

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