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Welcome to our world of premium Açaí products! Our visionary and entrepreneur, Robson Franco, has been passionately dedicated to bringing the finest Açaí super fruit to the region since 2013. With a commitment to contributing to a better and healthier society, we strive to provide you with only the highest quality Açaí products.

We aim to deliver high quality and sustainable harvested Açaí from Brazil to GCC countries.

We at Amazonas4U make sure that we provide the best quality of Açaí where we

gained the reputation as the leading importer and distributor in the region.

We care about our customers and their satisfaction, so we work with certified

producers and fair-trade harvesters to encourage sustainability and promote

organic harvesting. In our perfect combination of production, we support the local

communities and preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Amazonas4U team was able to get the authentic and cultivated products to be served on your plate or in a glass of juice.


The Powerful Berry

Interesting facts about Açai ((pronounced ah-sigh-EE), it is grown from theAçaí

Palm and it is a high-energy purplish fruit only grown in the Amazon Rainforest.

They are high in fiber and contain antioxidants protecting the brain and overall

health, hence it's called Superfood #1.

Lastly this tiny berry is packed with Omega fatty acids and has a low sugar concentration, which stabilizes your blood sugar and lowers cholesterol levels


Highly Nutritious Fruit


It is generally agreed that Açaí as a raw fruit or made as the juice has various

benefits since it is rich in healthy fats, fibers, and a good source of protein. It also

removes toxins in your body which makes it a superfood.


Amazonas4U’s Açaí is a mood changer and a quick fix for everyday meal. It is an

essential ingredient that you include in your daily routine in various ways to prepare

from smoothies, bowls, desserts, or juices. And you can start to enjoy your

immeasurable benefits from stress to energetic life.

Our Values

  • Quality Guaranteed.

  • Client care and satisfaction.

  • Consistency with our clients.

  • Contribute with the corporate social and

       environmental responsibility.

Our Values - Amazonas4u
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