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To ensure that we serve only top certified quality products.

Boost our client’s business and all needed support and gain credibility.

To build the Amazonas4U social and environmental aware community and promote

healthier lifestyle and well-being.

To help society benefit from our delicious products and experience a healthy lifestyle, while being the main reference for superior quality products. 


Local harvesters hand-pick the Açaí
from the palm trees using
traditional methods

The Açaí berries grow in palm trees
in the heart of the Amazon

The Açaí pulp is pasteurized to
ensure the berries are safe for
consumption and stored in
controlled temperature to keep its
tasting profile and nutrients

The berries are packed in crates

and transported to the local farms

for separation and washing

The final stage of the Açaí
production happens in the main
plant, where they use the fresh
pulp to produce the Açaí purée

From the port of Santos, São Paulo, the Açaí is packed and shipped to the World

Amazonas4U Journey
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