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Açaí with cupuaçu purée (1L)

59 AED
1 Liter
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Amazonas4U

Our premium Açaí Purée with Cupuaçu is ready to eat, no blender required! Get creative by adding your favorite toppings and/or fruit; the delicious combinations are endless!

Free from fertilizers and other agrochemical, our product offers 100% organic Açaí berry with absolutely no food coloring added. Find your daily dose of antioxidants and omega fatty acids inside!

Brazilian superfood Cupuaçu’s (coo-poo-asoo) sweet and sour flavors pairs well with our pure Açaí. This Amazonian fruit boasts anti-inflammatory properties and high content of Vitamin C making it the perfect addition to any health routine.

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